In collaboration with French daily newspaper Le Monde and its global network of business think tanks, the Institut de l’entreprise is organising the International Summit of Business Think Tanks in Paris on June 18, 2013. The theme of this year’s event is: “How companies are changing the world – Meeting the challenges of the 21st century”.

This event constitutes a unique opportunity to conduct a prospective and constructive reflection at an interdisciplinary international dimension about the future of the companies and their role in society in the 21st century. It will also draw on international experiences to develop concrete proposals.

The increasing integration of national economic realities into a globalized world led the Institut de l’entreprise to give more and more importance to the international dimension in its works.

Each year, the International Network of Business Think Tanks organizes a conference in the country of one of the 12 members think tanks.

The International Summit of Business Think Tanks will start June 17 with a dinner of prestige in the halls of the Musée d’Orsay in the presence of internationally renowned geusts and will continue on June 18 with a day of discussions and lectures at the Museum Quai Branly.

An overview of The International Summit of Business Think Tanks

A high level Summit organized by the Institut de l’entreprise with the collaboration of economic and business think tanks from 12 different countries.

  • 30 leading experts – some of today’s most authoritative voices: CEOs of innovative companies, leading political figures as well as visionaries, world-renowned economists and academics

  • Food for thought to promote entrepreneurship as a driver of progress and highlight business contribution to the common good. Five debate themes: rethinking the market economy, creating value beyond profit, the future of management, new models that are changing the world, new horizons
  • Qualitative and powerful visibility through partnerships with media and digital communication.
  • 400 participants: decision-makers from the French government, top management of major French and foreign companies, opinion leaders from the civil society.
  • Debates on June 18 led by Le Monde at the Quai Branly Museum, in Paris.

  • A Gala dinner on June 17 at the Orsay Museum, one of Paris’ most prestigious venues, with a special guest speaker.